about me (and my music)

i am skydev and i make music. welcome to my website.
i make a variety of types of music, though i mainly make chiptune.
my favourite music genres are jazz and funk. maybe a little jazz fusion.
my favourite games are cave story and super mario bros. 3

i started focusing on music around the beginning of 2018, and have wanted
to continue with it ever since. i've always had an interest in music, stopping
to listen to tunes in NES games and writing ditties on a keyboard as a kid.
this year was spent on a lot of earthbound music editor and orgmaker.
i also started to get into famitracker near the end of the year, after using it for
a brief period in 2016/17.

in 2019, i decided to fully commit myself to learning famitracker and
bits of music theory here and there. i would spend much of the year covering
music from various game soundtracks in famitracker and other tracker
programs. i would utilize my soundcloud account, which had been
laying dormant since 2014, to upload original tracks, old and new. the
reason i covered so many songs was because i wanted to familiarize myself
with the programs i was using, picking up composition techniques along the way.
near the end of 2019 is when i decided to focus more on my own music.

in 2020, i released my first "big" song, Supernova. this was my first track
of the year, and i was ecstatic to see it get attention. from there, the quality
of my work would see steady improvement. of course, i would experience
times of despair. no motivation, burnout, etc., but i would always stay hopeful,
and these periods would pass.

as of now (december 11, 2020), things are going fairly well for me.
i plan on doing bigger and better things for 2021, and hope you'll stick around.
i'd also like to thank those who've supported me so far. it really has been
great to be able to make things people enjoy.

about the site (and how you can help)

i created this website as a place to link my various social links.

picture from june 19 2020

later on i created separate pages for my thoughts and other projects.
i got somewhat better as you might be able to tell.
home page is self explanatory, so is this one, and the "other" page.
the ramblings page is seldom updated, but i use it to make updates about myself.
it's been a neat project so far. it does cost a little bit though.

i don't like asking often, but a donation via paypal would be
greatly appreciated. all money donated goes towards the site,
as well as other projects of mine.
donation link

purchasing my music via bandcamp also helps.

don't feel obligated to or anything, i'm just putting it out there haha.
only do so if you like what i do and wanna help out.