the complete history of the ancient beatboxing language

uhh, long ago.. uh, we did a bit of archelogical research, andd we actually found this ancient relic, its cquite interesting, it shows a cave apainting right, it shows 2 men beatboxing towards eachother one is painted with devil horns and the other with what aooears ti be a halo. basically, it shows that beatboxing has always been a force of power fora long time, its always been a strong language. there are stories about it and this is one of them:

there once used to be a great beatboxe elder. he taught all of the youngins beatboxing. he tought them all at once through his beatbox meetings.. the sound frequencies would go through the air and everyones brains would pick it up ior something and it was like a pandemic. one day in his routine he got sick of it all and lashed out at everybody for not appreciating his beatboxing. it wasnt his fault. it was actually the sefcond beatboxing elders fault. from down the street or something. he could imitate the elders beatboxing. it hurt and destoryed peoples ears. both elders just fucking died like 2 days ago or something.

you see young one, legends speak of a man. who beat the box so hard, that his very bpz and ksps spoke to the hearts of those who listened. this man who went by many names, is now known as the beat god. he was a wizard, really. not a literal wizard of course, but a figurative one. one who could do something i dont know umm. if one man heard his beatboxing, then well, they would be a man no longer but a deity. one who could sit with the high elders. ione who coulud beatbox his way into infinity. one who could bheatbox his way into the path of time. his name was johnathan mcjohnathan. legendary box beater. it is speculated this must be the character from the cave paiting with the halo.