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a PROPER side rambling

now for a proper rambling, since i dont have many people to talk to right now (it's 3 AM)

i just spent like 2 and a half hours rearranging / cleaning my room. i wanted to move my workspace to the complete other side of the room, since i've got a massive fucking room. it was a nice little experience, as it usually is. you get a lot of time to just think for a while. reflect on stuff, come up with solutions to problems, etc... the motive behind it was to just, be in a different spot, really. my computer and stuff was right beside my bed, and i didn't feel it was a great place for it.

and, being in the same spot for like half the year isn't very good, at least, i don't think it is, haha...
a little variety is nice.

edit: also i kinda feel like center aligning text for this is a little ugly but i dunno
edit 2: yeah this left alignment is much better, nice
edit THREE (can you believe it?) i think i'll keep the shorter post-thingies to center aligned, but the longer ones to left???
maybe it'll work




progress report 1 august 05

i swear i worked on it for like an hour then said "alright ill come back tomorrow" and never came back